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Gold Canyon resident supports eco-resort development


I have read both opinion articles (“Serdy: Opinion was full of misinformation, contradictions” and “Grady: Protesting the process where Tela Peralta was approved in Pinal County”).

Kim Grady seems like she has some kind of personal vendetta against Jeff Serdy. Maybe it was because she was removed from a committee by him.

She supported the eco-resort when she spoke at the public hearing. Several other people also supported this project. There was no opposition to this project at the county supervisors meeting. Watch the video of the meeting, says it all.

The project encompasses 134 acres and will be good for the area, bringing in tax dollars income for the local businesses.

If you had an employee that was at odds with you what would do, let them go.

We voted for Jeff Serdy to the county supervisor position for a reason. He is for our area and cares about it. Without our local business, there will be nothing.

I am sure Kim Grady cares about the area but lives at least 10 miles away from the Quarter Circle U Ranch.

Watch the hearing here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=74MOPl1KdVw&t=5250s

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