Gieseler: City-wide trash disposal a great decision for a great city


I have lived in Apache Junction now for over 11 years.  My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed and treasured living in this town.

To me, our town has always given me a "home town" feeling with all of its shops, parks, city activities and schools. 

Apache Junction is very similar to the town I grew up in Louisiana.  It also has encouraged me to see the growth of our town, not just in population but in simple things such as the main street landscaping, remodeling of businesses and government buildings, store additions and road improvements.

I believe our city officials are doing a great job and leading our town in the right direction.  Part of that is this legislation at hand for city-wide trash disposal.  It makes total logical sense to consider this and vote it in. City-wide trash disposal will help the people of Apache Junction fiscally and physically now and for our future.  

Personally, I do not appreciate my trash fee steadily going up each year. This legislation is part of progress.

Let's not halt progress by being influenced with false information by money-grabbing businesses that do not care about our city's outlook but just their pocket book.  We live in this great town of Apache Junction. Let's make decisions that help us.   

Residents of Apache Junction... do your homework on this decision. Before cultivating an opinion or decision, get the facts. Lastly and most important of all, pray for our city officials and for the blessing of God on our community.  

Assistant Pastor Josh Gieseler
Apache Junction