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Fugate: Letter writer made incorrect statements about Mining Camp Restaurant


Respectfully, we would like to set the record straight about the statement Todd House made about the Mining Camp Restaurant in the response to the opinion in the June 2024 issue.

It’s interesting how the context is now being used after all these years, when in fact only part of what happened is being stated.

To begin with, Todd House has never been a fan of the Mining Camp Restaurant and has shown that on many occasions. First knowledge of this was before he was supervisor. He held a meeting at his residence for the Superstition Base Coalition and during this meeting, he coached neighbors on how to fight against the Mining Camp Restaurant on obtaining its liquor license.

While serving as supervisor, just days after the fire of the restaurant, he came to the property to inform us that the borrowed motor home we needed to stay in for two weeks was illegal and we couldn’t stay there. There were no exemptions then!

After we were told by Todd House as he stated that the county decided we could rebuild, we hired a representative to help with that. After a couple of meetings about the plans, the representative was told that the county would be adding costly stipulations to the property, including a water retention area, paved parking lot, etc. etc. Todd House never mentioned that.

So, between the county and the insurance company, it left us financially crippled, it left us no choice. The decision had been made. After exhausting every avenue, we didn’t pursue permits to rebuild as stated. That was not an option.

Mr. Serdy was not involved in the talks between the county and the Mining camp restaurant, but he has always been there for us, even as mayor.

We are eternally grateful to the community that cared and stood by us showing support!

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