Fesler-Butts: The HOA of Apache Junction


We do not live within the Apache Junction city limits and I thank God we do not.

We in the Superstition Foothills, along with many in Gold Canyon, have refused all attempts to incorporate us into AJ, and this recent Socialist behavior by the City Council reinforces such decisions, regarding which part of our argument for years is for less government interference in all our affairs.

Do you all realize that the fines which could be imposed upon you if you refuse to follow the council's orders are even higher than those from Obama's mandated national healthcare (obamacare)? What is to prevent them from enforcing this ordinance by making it a criminal offense for not following this ruling?

AJ residents want to raise the status of AJ from a bedroom community up to an active and productive city, but this City Council is not business-friendly

RAD is one company located within the city limits and with this action the council is willing to lose one more business.

We use Republic Services but have been thinking of changing to Waste Management like some of our neighbors have done.

The city says it will watch the prices and other actions of Republic but who is going to watch the council? How does this council come to the conclusion that they are more in-tune to what are fair and proper charges when they cannot even keep the city offices open five days per week? Who is going to be the watchdog for the council when they take over your trash collections? Do you trust someone else to make such decisions over you? The council is anti-business and anti-entrepreneurial and they want to dictate even more aspects of your lives.

Protect your rights and vote out those who stand for Socialism and ever-increasing control over your choices, financial affairs, and rights as a citizen.

Art Fesler-Butts
Superstition Foothills