Guest Commentary

DeMastrie: A fair way to bring lower trash collection costs to Apache Junction


I have found a welcoming home and community in Apache Junction. I thoroughly enjoy our surroundings and what our city has to offer. The happiness and welcoming I have come to know; I consider a prominent character and attraction of this city.

This wonderful city was built with the collaboration of both like-minded and unlike-minded people that have worked to a common goal to make our shared community a great one. This represents what I feel government is and should be: a collection of efforts and care by a wide array of individuals all providing perspectives and initiatives to create something that is continually improving for us all. We do make mistakes at times, but lessons are learned and try to do better the next time.

Not long ago, an anonymous mailer had been sent, which unfairly and inaccurately portrayed our Mayor and City Council’s work to bring a positive benefit for our community. The improvement would ensure a fair and lower price we pay for trash services.

The selection process sufficiently accounted for the needs we would expect from a service of this type. The contract would be managed by the city, to ensure Republic Services held to its obligations.

I do not feel this is a “monopoly” as the anonymous mailer had claimed. This is exactly what our city government is for. The mailer included many points that were not correct and spent more time focusing on riling emotions versus sharing real perspectives that may vary from the direction we are planning to take. I do agree that opposing views are good and help to identify the root of what people really need and want.

I am disappointed that the mailer was anonymous AND that it was more of an attack rather than coming to the table with a logical and sensible alternative.

I really do not see any logical or substantial negative to moving to a city negotiated and managed trash service. Fewer heavy and noisy vehicles on our roads equates to less pollutants and road maintenance. The negotiated prices addressed aspects which I suspect many households never considered while negotiating with trash service companies on their own. One example is capping price increases for a set time. I would not be surprised if most had not negotiated nor price shopped at all.

Bravo to our City Council for acting in our best interests. I am appreciative of the work you all have done, and it is unfortunate to have such misleading backlash by one or more individuals in Apache Junction.

Editor’s Note: Tony DeMastrie is an Apache Junction resident.