Aggressive dog that attacked man shot, killed by responding Apache Junction police officer


One of two aggressive dogs that attacked a man in the 1800 block of West Foothill Street on Nov. 11 was shot and killed by a responding Apache Junction police officer, an official said.

Apache Junction Police Department dispatchers received a 911 call for help, Cpl. Marshall Harshman, AJPD’s community and media liaison officer, said.

“The caller reported that a man was being attacked by two aggressive dogs. The man who was being chased by the dogs escaped injury by jumping into the vehicle of a Good Samaritan who happen(ed) to be driving by. Other witnesses of the incident had to flee the area when the dogs went after them as well,” Cpl. Harshman said.

“When AJPD officers arrived on scene the two dogs charged their patrol cars. One of the dogs was reportedly so aggressive that he was snarling and clawing at the driver’s door of one of the responding officer’s patrol car. The continued aggressiveness of the dog was eventually neutralized and removed from the scene,” he said.

“In this case neutralized means the dog was shot and killed,” Cpl. Harshman said.

The owner was cited for dog at large, a violation of Apache Junction City Code 6-3-3; and vicious dog, a violation of Apache Junction City Code 6-3-6. 

 “As a reminder from Apache Junction Police Department, for the safety of not only your pets, but the members of our community, please keep your animals secure,” Cpl. Harshman said.

“With cooler weather having arrived more families are out and about and children are playing outside.  People are taking advantage of this weather change and spending time outdoors walking, jogging and biking,” he said.

“Confrontations with unsecured, territorial dogs and injuries to your pets can be avoided if pet owners will be responsible and provide a secure enclosure for their pets.  Further, if a pet is displaying aggressive behaviors, consulting a trainer to help properly socialize the animal is not only a good idea, it is the responsible thing to do,” Cpl. Harshman said.