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Take Control of Chronic Pain


Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church at 13658 W. Meeker Blvd is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive Chronic Pain Management Class aimed at empowering individuals to effectively manage and alleviate chronic pain. This innovative program is designed to provide participants with practical tools, resources, and support to enhance their quality of life and promote overall well-being, and is sponsored by the Area Agency on Aging. The workshop will run from June 4th to July 9th and will meet every Tuesday in the church’s Fellowship Hall from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Chronic pain affects millions of individuals worldwide, often leading to physical limitations, emotional distress, and reduced productivity. Recognizing the significant impact of chronic pain on individuals and communities, Shepherd of the Hills is committed to offering holistic solutions that address the multifaceted nature of this condition.

Interested individuals are encouraged to call (623) 584-2280 to secure their spot and embark on a journey towards better pain management and improved quality of life.